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PLACE: 48123 Casalborsetti (RA)
Residence Mare Pineta

Where are we

Casalborsetti is located about 15 km from Ravenna, is the last of the beaches in the north of Ravenna. Quiet location, ideal for a holiday dedicated to sports, relaxation and also for those who want a cultural holiday, because it is an ideal starting point for a visit to Ravenna, Venice, Florence, Po Delta, San Marino, etc....

By plane: up to Rimini, Forlì and Bologna then by train and / or buses.
By train: to Ravenna, then bus 72
By car: road SS309 Romea Ravenna / Northern Beaches – Venice

Casal Borsetti
Overlooking the sea, is the village in the municipality of Ravenna which is only 16 km. it is located in the Park of the Delta del Po a few kilometers from the natural Punta poplar wood. Large pine forest surrounds and separates it from the sea and the beach. Today, the old fishing village has been transformed into an urban area and the region, particularly suited to tourism plein air, has been transformed and adapted to the needs of tourists. All this was done while preserving the coast and respecting those who were oases of green. Next to a modern marina is the country with services and restaurants of seafood.

Ravenna is a treasure chest of art, history and culture of the first magnitude, is a city with ancient origins and a glorious and capital three times: the Western Roman Empire, of King Theodoric of the Goths and of Byzantine basilicas and baptisteries Europa. In the city keeps the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries and eight monuments of Ravenna are inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Neoniano, Archiepiscopal Chapel, Basilica of St. Apollinaris New Mausoleum of Theodoric, the Arian Baptistery, Basilica of San Vitale, Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe. the city that keeps the remains of Dante Alighieri and it keeps alive the memory with important cultural events.

The Delta Park
The park of the Po Delta in Emilia – Romagna has territorial and ecological characteristics that make it unique with the greatest extension of Italian protected wetlands where the natural element that most characterizer the other is water although to achieve this, there are convenient means of communication. the unstable relationship between land and water, has led to an ever-changing landscape as well as forests, pine forests and flooded forests alternate with inland wetlands freshwater or salt. Biodiversity in the delta territory is remarkable in particular for the presence of over 280 species of birds.

Wonderland Park
The park is an amusement park in Emilia – Romagna. It is located in the province of Ravenna, city of Ravenna, near the pinewood of Classe. The area is located at kilometers 162 of the SS 16 Adriatica (Via Romea (SS 309 south)). The park also gives name to the zone, as indicated in the names of places Mirabilandia Ravenna. The Mirabilandia consists of two main areas: Themes Park (divided into seven areas) and water park Beach. The wonderland theme park is full of green and, within it, there are mechanical attractions, acquatic themes and performances take place. The water park is home to swimming pools, water slides and artificial beaches. To access it from the theme park you have to pay an extra fee.